VIDEO: Overcoming Supply Chain Issues with Preowned Print Devices

That’s the approach Advanced Office in California is taking



Christine Dunne


The stories about supply chain challenges are constant. While the solutions may be less apparent, Advanced Office in California has one that’s working well.


In a market where the latest print devices are hard to come by, the company is leveraging its supplier relationships to sell certified preowned equipment. These Ricoh and Kyocera machines are actually pretty new (they have less than 90 days of usage) and, what’s more important, they are available (and 30%-40% less expensive).


“So, what I found—and what we found as a company across our offices—is that customers, they don’t care, they want product in,” said John Parker, Senior Digital Systems Specialist at Advanced Office. “If their lease is evergreen, at a very high cost or price, they would like to just end that now and start with the certified preowned that’s warrantied as new at that savings.”


Advanced Office’s John Parker


Hear more from Parker by watching to our recent Zoom conversation about supply chain challenges and their impact on vendors of print equipment. We appreciate Parker’s continued insight (for example, his thoughts on digital marketing and selling approaches) and wish his dealership continued success in this difficult environment.


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