Digital Transformation Requires Solid Solutions

Xerox announces the D70n departmental scanner



Anne Valaitis


On February 16th, 2021, Xerox announced a new high-speed scanner designed with connectivity in mind. The new D70n network scanner is set to respond to a company’s digital transformation objectives as needs grow to access more business content. Last year was all about working remotely or hybrid, and business demands have fast-tracked solutions that tackle specific problem areas for automation.


Digital transformation in business is widespread and necessitates proper solutions and tools to achieve results. In our most recent Business Scanner IT Decision Maker survey, 76% of respondents claim investments, relative to capture and scanning, are due to digital transformation. The Xerox D70n Scanner is a fast 90 ppm/180 ipm at 200 dpi and 300 dpi, with a daily duty cycle of 15,000 sheets. A network scanner offers the shared experience with gigabit ethernet support; however, Xerox also offers USB connectivity for connection to a PC. Digital transformation goals require speed to ensure results and the Xerox D70n is a fast departmental unit that ensures the first mile of capture is realized and business process automation efforts are brought forward.



A decentralized workforce ushers in new and reimagined work processes. Not only are the hardware components required to be reliable and robust, but they must also integrate to business solutions. The D70n comes with the Visioneer Intelligent Software Platform that is available to each connected user. Visioneer OneTouch enables custom scan workflows that can streamline content processing. In addition, Visioneer Capture SE is offered to handle custom batches and scan to the cloud.



Unstructured, semi-structured, and structured content is growing at unprecedented rates across all business sizes, vertical markets, and at varying locations. Working from home, working from the office, and hybrid environments will persist as businesses remain fluid while strategizing for the future. Keypoint Intelligence views products and solutions that correlate with leading business initiatives relative to scan and capture as significant to attaining business goals.


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