Compact Fujitsu Introduces Two New Scanners to Make Everyday Scanning Easy

Compact devices for home and office



Anne Valaitis


The home has now become the modern epicenter of work, wellness, education, entertainment, and many other activities. Products designed to be easy to use with purposeful outcomes are sought after as consumers have renewed optimism for a better 2021. Today, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. announced the introduction of two new scanner models: the iX1600 and the iX1400, which are part of the ScanSnap series of products. This technology can provide ways to augment and improve the home and office experience, while consumers feel the impact of these smart solutions.


ScanSnap iX1600

According to Fujitsu, the iX1600 boasts a fast scanning speed while producing high quality images. Scanning at 40 ppm/80 ipm (A4 documents, color, 300 dpi) is 33% faster than its predecessor, the iX1500. ScanSnap also offers dedicated software (ScanSnap Home) and this too has undergone improvements to have better functionality, usability, and ease of operation with faster start-up times and searchable PDF generation. ScanSnap Home 2.0 with the iX1600 is now capable of scanning and processing a fully searchable 10-page (20 side) document in approximately 25 seconds.


Other features of the iX1600 include:

  • One-touch push button panel driven control to save scans to designated destinations in a breeze. 
  • Option to choose direct scan to major cloud services, including Evernote, Box, and OneDrive (which enhances workstyle flexibility in the world of the new normal (no need for PC).
  • Perfect for team sharing and ideal for organizing documents in the office, at home, and at school. 
  • ScanSnap Home is an all-in-one software that enables document management and utilization, as well as scanner customization.
  • USB, Wi-Fi, and LCD Panel allows for setup anywhere and scanning to any destination.



ScanSnap iX1400

The ScanSnap iX1400 offers a one-touch scanning experience for everyday scanning needs. This model brings back the one-touch button for quick scanning that ScanSnap enthusiasts—according to Fujitsu—love. 


Features of the iX1400 include:

  • New for the iX1400 is the return of the classic ScanSnap one-touch button for simple scanning.
  • Set-up makes every day scanning easy to bridge the gap where the physical and digital meet.
  • ScanSnap Home is an all-in-one software that enables document management and utilization, as well as scanner customization.



ScanSnap Home

ScanSnap Home enables document management and utilization, as well as profile customization. Organizing documents becomes simple as the software can recognize document type and sort by standard documents, business cards, receipts, and photos. The touchscreen features simple icons for quick selection of scan-to destinations including folder, e-mail, or cloud. You can create searchable PDFs as well as editable Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, and extract important data to help organize and search. ScanSnap Home 2.0 is compatible with Mac and Windows. ScanSnap Home 2.0 comes bundled with both new scanners.


Late last year Keypoint Intelligence conducted a comprehensive survey of IT decision makers (log in to the InfoCenter) to discover and validate capture activities both in the office and at home. Document transformation, whether for personal or business use, was seen as a critical step in content digitalization. COVID-19 has brought to light many inefficiencies that exist in business content workflow and has furthered projects and initiatives to upgrade old and antiquated methods for paper-based content. The ScanSnap series makes for advances to content workflow solutions at a low cost of entry and ease of integration—making it ideal for home use, the office, or both.