Epson Introduces Three New Scanner Solutions for Organizing Receipts and Documents

Digitization for critical paperwork



Anne Valaitis


On January 19th, Epson announced three new scanner solutions: the new RapidReceipt RR-600W, RR-70W, and RR-60. Epson has long provided scanners designed for consumers and small business owners. Each device is designed to manage the common challenges of handling receipts, invoices, and expenses. Targeting the needs of consumers and small business users, specifically homing in on often-arduous process such as expenses and invoicing, is a shrewd tact. Results-oriented solutions with clear outcomes resonate with buyers.


Each new scanner model includes the Epson ScanSmart Accounting Edition software, which will convert receipts and invoices into digital data. Saving time and ensuring accuracy, the RapidReceipt software will correctly extract and organize data from receipts and invoices and integrate into Excel spreadsheets or third-party applications, such as QuickBooks, TurboTax, or Quicken, at no additional cost. Users can also scan directly to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and OneDrive.


RapidReceipt RR-600W ($499.99 MSRP) is a wireless, desktop scanner built for productivity, capturing both sides of a document in one pass.

  • 35 ppm/70 ipm
  • A 100-page auto document feeder
  • An intuitive 4.3” touchscreen
  • USB port so users can scan directly to a USB memory drive without a computer
  • Organize business contacts with included NewSoft Presto BizCard software



RapidReceipt RR-70W ($349.99 MSRP) mobile scanner

  • Fast and small, powered by battery (or USB) to enable on-the-go scanning
  • Wirelessly scans a single page in as fast as 4 seconds
  • Automatic feeding mode



RapidReceipt RR-60 ($299.99 MSRP) mobile scanner

  • Small and light mobile single sheet-fed
  • USB-powered
  • Used for everyday receipts, invoices documents, business, and ID cards



Digital transformation of paper-based items is surging. Consumer and business users alike are seeking simple, easy, and results-based solutions to solve problems. Recent Keypoint Intelligence research (must log in to the InfoCenter) validates the need for simple, easy to use solutions to help home and office users with the digitalization of paper. As we move deeper into 2021, solutions such as the Epson RapidReceipt will provide relief and organization in a time of transition.