WATCH: Interview with Anthony Sci, Keypoint Intelligence’s New Leader

Industry veteran discusses his vision for product testing and market research organization



Carl Schell


Anthony Sci is a New Yorker, plain and simple. He’s direct, highly educated, and, perhaps more than anything else, passionate. These traits—and many more, rest assured—will no doubt serve him well as he heads up Keypoint Intelligence, which in 2021 is celebrating its 60th anniversary.


Introduced as President and CEO at the beginning of July, Sci has had a potpourri experience in his 30-plus years in the industry. From a services organization (IKON) to manufacturers (Sharp and Xerox) to a dealer (LDI Color ToolBox), he has seen a ton and lived through even more.


Anthony Sci, President and CEO of Keypoint Intelligence


Sci is already formulating a business plan for Keypoint Intelligence—not just for the next chapter in its history but chapters, plural. In essence, the strategy is very similar to what the OEMs and the channel have been doing for years, even more so because of the pandemic: Diversifying the portfolio through fresh products and services while continuing to grow the core.


Andy Slawetsky of Industry Analysts recently sat down with Sci to ask him about these new opportunities, the future of Keypoint Intelligence, and much more. Check out the interview today!