New Small and Home Office Devices from Canon

Canon’s new offering for the SOHO market



Mark Davis


Canon’s announcement of three new product series joining the ranks is exciting news. Adding to a well-established lineup of small business-focused and cost-conscious PIXMA and MAXIFY models, the new devices are designed specifically for the small office/home office (SOHO) market. Canon is committed to the need for SOHO solutions and has formed a new group within their corporate structure to oversee their response to this developing market. With competitors such as HP and Epson already acting on their revised approach to the SOHO market, such a move from Canon is not unexpected.



Primarily targeted at the small business owner with a small back-room office, as well as the hybrid worker looking for a compact device for their home office, the MAXIFY GX5020 is designed to deliver on four key points: cost reduction, minimized downtime, reduced footprint, and a cut in waste. A single function device, the GX5020 uses Canon’s Ink Tank technology to achieve this claimed reduction in running costs. Less mechanical parts and streamlined functionality are expected to equate to a reduction in repair time. Retailing at $399, this single-function printer is not cheap but the investment should offset running cost. The device is available from online retailers, resellers, and other dealer channels and comes with a 1-year warranty.




The three models in the MF450 series (MF453dw, MF452dw, MF451dw) are all compact, b/w MFPs designed to appeal to the small-to-mid-sized business owner. The new devices combine multi-functionality with a small physical footprint. All models have print, copy, and colour scan functionality; the MF452dw is also capable of faxing. Canon’s focus on ease-of-use is not missed on these devices. Each sport a 5’’ interactive LCD Screen and an easy 4-step Wi-Fi set-up. Each device in this series also contains the software required to compete in this business-focused, security-conscious sphere (Cloud printing and scanning, mobile printing, and developed device security), as well as a 3-year-warranty.


MF453dw MF452dw MF451dw




Canon has attempted to combine the need for elementary printing capabilities with the quality and efficiency of a laser device. The MF3010 series (MF3010 and MF3010vp) enables hybrid workers or SMBs who need basic print functionality to print in mono and scan in color whilst enjoying the same quality Canon associates with their higher spec models. Exclusive to Walmart, the MF3010 will  retail at $99.99, including a 1-year-guarantee. TheMF3010vp available via other retailers, has an additional value toner package (1,600 pages) to accompany the 700-page toner starter pack. Both are compact for home office use and provide a robust, entry-level option for workers who need basic print and scan capabilities.


MF3010 MF3010vp


Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

The introduction of six new, diverse devices to the portfolio confirm that Canon mean business when it comes to re-evaluating their SOHO market offering. To tick the boxes of requirements set out by competitors such as HP and Epson, Canon has provided a comprehensive set of devices that seem to hold a great deal of promise. Let’s see how they fare when they enter the lab!


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