VIDEO: Keypoint Intelligence Interview Insights with Chris Marshall of Brother International Europe

The workplace after COVID, vertical market resurgence just two of the topics



Randy Dazo


As a main A4 player in the market, Brother Europe did very well during the pandemic as companies had to quickly transfer their workforce from the office to the home. Today, when many people are returning to the office or working in a hybrid situation, Brother’s success has continued.



Brother’s solutions address return to work for employees working from home as well as in an office. While organizations might not necessarily have a print strategy for working from home, Brother has that capability by managing these devices, along with hardware in the office, as part of its managed print services (MPS) program. Additionally, while employees may still be reluctant toward sharing devices at work, Brother’s distributed MPS strategy helps solve those issues too. 


In this Interview Insights with Chris Marshall, Commercial Director of Brother International Europe, we discuss Brother’s continuum of solutions in relation to the pandemic and how they are developed to what organizations are looking for today, now that we are on the backside of COVID. Marshall also talked about how buyers in the present day are looking for sustainable solutions as they return to the office, including how Brother’s ink and laser technologies speak to sustainability, from supply chain to the consumables themselves. 


Lastly, we spoke about how vertical markets—retail, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics—are also coming back. Brother is helping these verticals with various print technologies, including its commercial label printers as well as traditional A4 devices.


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