INFOGRAPHIC: What’s the Difference Between UX and UI?

What they mean and why you should care



Mark DiMattei


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We’ve spoken in several of our reports over the past few years about user experience (UX), but how many people actually know what the term means? User experience refers to the full understanding of how a person is going to interact with a solution: what it is they want, how can they get that by utilizing a solution, their capabilities, and their limitations.


UX is very different from the user interface (UI). This concept looks at the design of a solution and includes elements like the color palette, typography, input controls (e.g., buttons, drop-down lists, fields), navigational components (e.g., sliders, tags, search fields), as well as any icons or symbols used within the solution. While UI is a very important part of UX, the two are not interchangeable.


The infographic below lays out some of these key points and what they can mean for any budding designers out there.



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