Our Top 5 Favorite Podcasts from The Key Point Podcast in 2022

An audio tour through the year in print and associated technologies



Carl Schell


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What a year it was. We had more on the COVID front and more supply chain woes, then war broke out only to be followed by inflation arriving on the scene like a bat out of hell. While I did pay $3.07 a gallon here in New Jersey just the other day, it’s safe to say that everyone’s patience has been tested in the previous 12 months—not to mention their wallets.


Still, there was so much good that happened in 2022, and a lot of that good in our space is captured in the 36 interviews we produced as part of Season 4 of The Key Point Podcast. When I look at our five favorites, I very much see a microcosm of this year in the industry:

  • Sustainability talk increased, including in the United States
  • Production print continued to be a critical growth area
  • Security…I mean, do I even need to say anything else?
  • The fabric and textile space remains an intriguing play
  • Print’s place within digital transformation (DX)


Agree with that assessment or not, a ton can be gleaned from this handful of audio offerings. We thank you for tuning in to The Key Point Podcast for the past four years, and here’s to more insightful podcasts in 2023!

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