Channel Strategy Session: Interview Insights with Konica Minolta’s Laura Blackmer (VIDEO)

Company’s President of Dealer Sales discusses diversification, supply chain, and plenty more



Carl Schell


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A few weeks after the Konica Minolta 2022 Dealer Summit, I had the privilege of speaking with Laura Blackmer. Can’t believe it took so long for us to connect, but I am very happy that our initial interactions happened at this specific moment in time.


Let’s face it: The last two-and-a-half years have been a lot. Even if we are on the backside of the pandemic, COVID will be a part of our everyday lives for a long time (quite possibly forever). The supply chain nightmare has left people scrambling for goods such as baby formula and, yes, print hardware. For several weeks now, I’ve resorted to putting just $20 of gas in my Subaru Forester—not the ideal vehicle given the predicament, I admit—rather than filling the tank.


Maybe I should start paying cash at the pump, too.



Diversification beyond print at the OEM and dealer levels was happening long before the pandemic hit, and it has only increased to the point where it’s as ubiquitous as “Whole Lotta Love” on classic rock radio stations. Thing is, like that Led Zep standard, the topic of diversifying products and services is always great, if overplayed. It’s a breeding ground for new ideas, big ideas, evolutionary chatter, and, above everything else, change.


Blackmer and I had a field day with that. We also discussed the recent dealer meeting and, by extension, the Konica Minolta Client Engagement Center. In February she was promoted to President of Dealer Sales at Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., on top of her already intriguing career, and we touched on all that. From office to production to managed IT to dealers, the net we cast was wide but still afforded Blackmer the opportunity to provide pointed advice and education.


And…both of us live in North Jersey. We speak the same language. Check out the clip of our conversation today!


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