Does the Use of Recycled Materials in Products Influence Your Purchase?

Keypoint Intelligence’s newest poll on the impact of reusing materials



Lindsey Naples


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I know the last blog I wrote was about my wedding, but there are a lot of factors that go into putting together such a large event. With all the moving parts—florists, cake flavors, DJ vs. a band—something I didn’t think would be such a huge piece to consider was the invitations.


While contemplating decisions like color, font, and whatever kind of extras we want added onto them, I was struck with a very upsetting (at least to me) thought: these things were just going to be thrown away. I understand that’s a very pessimistic view for something that’s supposed to be beautiful, but I couldn’t help it. It felt wasteful to me.


And while I searched for things that maybe didn’t have as many bells and whistles (the holder it goes in, lace, foil names and dates…doves flying out of the envelope), I came across a silver lining to my sad thought. A site I was browsing uses recycled paper—either in part or in full—or some sort of sustainable resource to create some of their options.


Three options from Zazzle that are easier on the environment.


Seeing these got me thinking: I’m more likely to purchase invites on these papers rather than ones that aren’t as environmentally friendly. Would other people feel the same?


So we asked!


Poll results.


Turns out, yes…71% of those that voted said they’d be more likely to purchase items if recycled materials were incorporated as opposed to the 29% that said it would have no impact on their purchasing decisions. So, sustainability is on the minds of at least some consumers—and definitely for this consumer (especially with the number of things I now look at in terms of “this is a waste, it will be thrown away”).


For the invites, I am using the recycled paper for them as well as adding a little line at the bottom that reads, “please recycle me when you’re done!” A gentle reminder that every step to help the environment is good, not matter how small!


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