INFOGRAPHIC: How Many Reasons Are There Behind the Supply Chain Crisis?

The COVID-19 pandemic and shortages in many areas have led to rocky times



Mark DiMattei


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The global supply chain is in danger…just look at your day-to-day shopping. The grocery store has more empty shelves as people hurry to scoop up the remaining cartons of eggs that aren’t broken. Baby formula is a huge concern right now. Going to buy a pair of shorts or a new swimsuit for the summer doesn’t offer the same number of options that it did a few years ago. And shopping online is still plagued by shipping delays.


So, the question arises: How did we get here? While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (which has cut off exports from Ukraine and put Russian businesses under sanction) has recently created some bottlenecks, the problem has been there well before this act of aggression. The COVID-19 pandemic clearly played a part in this issue, but it is just one of the causes.



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