3 Things You Need to Know About the Epson WorkForce DS-790WN

We just got our hands on the latest scanner from Epson



Lee Davis


Our Epson WorkForce DS-790WN test unit has just arrived at Keypoint Intelligence’s US test lab! Released on February 22 this year, the Epson WorkForce DS-790WN will replace the Epson WorkForce DS-780N as the top-of-the-line network scanner from the company. According to Greg Newcomb, Associate Product Manager at Epson, the device was built with customer demand for networked, PC-free scanning devices.


The DS-790WN has a higher peak daily duty cycle compared to its predecessor (7,000 pages vs. 5,000) and supports wired and wireless network connectivity (the DS-780N only supported Ethernet connectivity). The device supports the Document Capture Pro Server Authentication Edition solution, so businesses limit usage of the scanner to only those who are authorized to use it and provide a personalized scanning experience to end users.



Testing is underway and we cannot wait to report our findings. Until then, I’d like to point out the three things about the Epson DS-790WN that IT decision makers need to know.


1. Large Customizable Touchscreen

According to Keypoint Intelligence’s 2022 Document Process Shifts and Workflow Transformation Study,  45% of IT decision makers in the US (and 49% in WE) said that a smartphone-like control panel is an important factor when deciding which shared workgroup scanner to purchase. The DS-790WN features a customizable 4.3" color touchscreen—an upgrade from the 2.7" touchscreen on the DS-780N.


The control panel provides users with convenient access to scan-to job shortcuts, enabling users to kick off entire scanning workflows with a single button press. Users can customize the touchscreen display using color-coded, customized icons to help users find the job buttons that are relevant to their job.


2. PC-Free Scanning to Everywhere

The DS-790WN scans to network drives, cloud storage services, email, or USB memory without a computer. PC-less scanning can not only help you save some money (since you wouldn’t need a dedicated PC/laptop just to scan), but it also makes it easier to place the device because you don’t have to dedicate extra space for a PC. Support for Wi-Fi network connectivity makes it even easier to place the device, as the device doesn’t need to be near an Ethernet port, so you don’t have to snake any cables. 


3. Secure Network Scanning

As noted above, the solution supports the Epson Document Capture Pro Authentication Edition solution, so administrators can enforce user authentication at the device’s control panel. Not only does this prevent unauthorized users from using the device, but it also presents users with only the job buttons that they use daily so they can’t accidentally disclose sensitive information by routing scans to the wrong destination.


For example, when an HR worker authenticates at the scanner to scan payroll information, they are only presented with the jobs that an HR worker would use. Thus, they cannot accidentally send it to a shared folder that everyone in the company can access.


The device supports third-party card readers through the device’s USB port, so users can authenticate by waving their access badge instead of entering credentials by hand. This can save a lot of time and spare users from the cumbersome experience of typing their username/password or PIN. It is also attractive in environments where users don’t want to touch common surfaces, like the touchscreen control panel on a shared network scanner.


Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

We can’t say much about the Epson WorkForce DS-790WN’s ability as a scanner, but we can say it comes with a lot of features and functions that IT decision makers desire. But until we complete testing, we cannot tell you how well this device checks those devices. We will have those answers in a few weeks, so be sure to come back and read the report once it is available on bliQ!


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