VIDEO: Marketing Strategist Rick Lambert Interviews Keypoint Intelligence’s Carl Schell

Content creation can be daunting (especially at the start), but here’s how we handled it!



Lindsey Naples


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In a truly unprecedented (and frankly apocalyptic) manner, the pandemic swept in and created a “sink or swim” attitude for many businesses. Keypoint Intelligence was no exception. And while we had created blog content before this new stage of life, it was nowhere near the levels we’re at now. During a recent episode of The Smarketing Show hosted by Rick Lambert, CEO and Founder of IN2communications, Keypoint Intelligence’s Carl Schell sums it up as “We realized things were going to change and we had to change.”


After three years of rolling with the punches and embracing adaptability, we can safely say it’s a very mix of content types and topics that gets you moving forward.



Luck is a big one. Then add subject matter experts, content creators, and analysts to it and you have a diverse and capable array of people—all with their own areas of expertise that enable and push thought leadership. And while you may feel the subject matter of the interview doesn’t apply to you directly, Lambert smartly notes that “the concept [applies] regardless of what type of business you’re in.” For us, that looks like publishing blogs on Fridays now and consistently posting podcasts on Wednesdays. For other businesses, who knows what that could look like? The sky’s the limit when you rely on the knowledge of people around you!


While we’re great at what we do, we’re not masters at content creation and we’re not the greatest there ever was in any one subject. But we have become more than capable of showcasing our talents and helping get the good word of our research and real-world testing out to the public. It did not happen for us overnight, and it may not propel you into the stratosphere of views/clicks, but it could help get you moving in the right direction!


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