VIDEO: Anthony Sci Talks to Andy Slawetsky About “What’s Happenin’” with Keypoint Intelligence

Company leader details recent acquisition, recent partnership, and things beyond print



Carl Schell


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One of Keypoint Intelligence’s goals for 2022 was to strengthen our portfolio. Yeah, I know, it sounds super generic because that could easily be a goal of companies in any industry around the world, but the reality is that we are evolving in concert with the voice of the customer.


The packaging and labels space represents a true growth area in print—that’s a trend backed up by Keypoint Intelligence’s research and data. After much conversation and careful deliberation, we broadcasted in September that Karstedt Partners, a respected source of insight and analysis on packaging and labels, had joined the Keypoint Intelligence family to form the newly minted Packaging & Labels Division (press release, blog with video).


Then, less than a month later, we announced a partnership with Agile Cybersecurity Solutions (ACS). You need only spend a few minutes on LinkedIn alone to understand the impact cybersecurity has today. This relationship is underpinned by our history of product testing in conjunction with the ACS Cyber SEAL team and the firm’s capabilities with security validation services, while adding an Internet of Things (IoT) piece that pushes past print (press release, podcast).


The pandemic has changed the way we do things and accelerated diversification. The supply chain has exacerbated many problems and forced people to find creative solutions. For any company in the traditional print industry, there has been no better time than now to spread your wings and fly. In fact, our lab techs in New Jersey tested home security cameras earlier this year and then transitioned to additive manufacturing (AM) testing in the spring.


Anthony Sci, President and CEO of Keypoint Intelligence, returned to Industry Analysts TV—the video interview series from the affable and omnipresent Andy Slawetsky—to discuss these activities and much more. Check it out because, let’s face it, there’s more to embrace about technology than just print.


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