INFOGRAPHIC: Audiobooks vs. Print Books

Looking at statistics in the literary world



Mark DiMattei


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Everyone enjoys a good story. In our digital age where everything is available online at a click, books haven’t been left behind. Not counting the radio plays popular in the early 1900s (which have seen a rebirth in storytelling podcasts), we’ve been listening to audiobooks since the mid-80s. While most of these books on tape were of a self-help or business nature, audiobooks of all genres have been gaining popularity—especially those of us who want to multitask reading with our commute or household chores.


This month, Spotify decided that audio-lit would be a great new market as the company began offering the sales of audiobooks to streamers alongside its impressive music and podcast catalog. While this is a shift for their key business model, it follows a tradition of many companies branching out into the literary market and making an audio format available (e.g., Amazon’s Audible, Apple Books, Google Play).


But just how popular are audiobooks compared to print?



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