Valsoft Corporation Acquires MPS Monitor

MPS Monitor gains a key role in creating a globally integrated managed print SaaS platform



Keith Haas


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MPS Monitor has announced that they have been acquired by the Valsoft Corporation in a move that the company feels will strengthen their offerings. Valsoft provides MPS Monitor with the resources and support needed to continue growing as a leader in the managed print services (MPS) industry.


That said, will MPS Monitor and their clients benefit from this acquisition?


Looking at Valsoft’s intentions, the Montreal-based company has been investing in other MPS platforms to grow their MPS vertical to create a global integrated managed print software as a solution (SaaS) platform for dealers and MPS providers. MPS Monitor was not the first business brought in to grow their vertical, as Valsoft has recently acquired European remote monitoring and management (RMM) SaaS platform leader EuroForm. In addition to expanding the MPS vertical, Valsoft is breaking into the document management vertical by acquiring WorkDynamics back in July 2022.



None of this will lessen MPS Monitor’s role under the Valsoft umbrella, as MPS Monitor’s CEO Nicola De Blasi will be working hands-on as the Head of Valsoft’s MPS Vertical and will take on the role of EuroForm’s CEO.


“This is an extremely exciting moment in the history of MPS Monitor and EuroForm, our customers and our combined team,” Nicola De Blasi stated in the company’s announcement. “With the formation of Managed Print Services Vertical, Valsoft has created a solutions powerhouse that’s ready and able to address the challenges of managed print customers and providers globally.”


With this comes the promise of more to follow from MPS Monitor’s team, which is still on board in the same or expanded roles since the company was sold in August—all better equipped and supported thanks to Valsoft’s investment. MPS Monitor is already a proven leader in the managed print industry and having access to more resources will further enhance the services they provide to clients.


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