Ambiente Fills the RemanExpo Halls

Sustainability is the main focus for many exhibitors



Peter Mayhew



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The wait was over. Within an hour of Ambiente opening its doors, it was clear that we were in the middle of something special. RemanExpo 2023 was the place and time when sustainability changed the way customers think about aftermarket supplies.

Timing is everything. In the last few weeks of 2022, we saw Messe Frankfurt sell out the entire Congress Centre floorplan and additional space allocated to the imaging supplies aftermarket. A waiting list of would-be exhibitors formed because the entire Messe Frankfurt fairground was also full!



Notable this year were fewer Chinese exhibitors, which is likely due to the late lifting of travel restrictions and their New Year celebrations. The new Congress Centre home for RemanExpo delivered busy corridors and new prospects to the delight of those who invested in the time and space to engage with customers.


Networking is a critical part of this event and quickly resumed across the hall floor. The conversation turned to discussions around the growth of inkjet business during the pandemic, increasing interest in remanufactured products, and anticipation of industry regulation.


There were other differences this year, too. The Recycler magazine and ETIRA combined forces to host a much larger pavilion space for its members. The Ninestar Corporation attended in force, occupying separate booths for Static Control Components, G&G, and Geehy Microclectronics.



One difficult decision for the show organizers was to reposition the events and popular seminar presentations. Rebranded as the RemanExpo Academy, the presentations are now in a theatre off the show floor. Delegates still filled the seats, keen to hear from industry leaders about the size, shape, and direction of the imaging supplies market.


The larger Ambiente show under the Work banner features two halls focused on the future of work—a topic Keypoint Intelligence is studying on an ongoing basis. Interestingly, sustainability was again a common theme with numerous exhibitors calling out the “green” credentials of their office products. Their Academy lecture program centers on a future of work day, during which practical examples, solutions, and approaches to the creation of “green office space” are discussed.



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