Keypoint Intelligence Office Group Makes Its Predictions for 2023

What are we thinking about with office print, managed IT, and smart technology?



Carl Schell


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A large part of an analyst’s job is providing thought leadership. A large part of thought leadership is studying data to locate stories that can become strategic plays for clients. But thought leadership is also very much about putting yourself out there and being brave and bold with your opinion. What’s the worst that can happen? We’re all wrong at least some of the time.


So, what were the Keypoint Intelligence Office Group predictions? Well, I’ll give you the first, even if it did happen last year…


Argentina will win the World Cup.


Okay, maybe not so brave and bold—but right on the money, even after the Saudi Arabia upset.


The traditional office, along with its partners hybrid and remote, provide the backdrop for all the research, reporting, and survey work done by the Keypoint Intelligence Office Group. Under the guidance of Deborah Hawkins, the team dissects subject matter related to print (devices, supplies, service), managed IT (cybersecurity, most notably), or smart workplace technology and translates it into plain English for strategic implementation. The team’s 2023 predictions are based on analytics, but gut feel does still mean something in the world today.


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