Channel Strategy Session: Revenue Opportunities (INFOGRAPHIC)

Further education from Keypoint Intelligence’s 2022 Channel Survey



Carl Schell


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Let’s hop into the not-so-way-back machine for a moment to three years ago—specifically in March, when the COVID-19 pandemic began in earnest here in the United States. It was also at that point that “diversification” entered the contest for biggest buzzwords of 2020, especially in the print industry as print itself basically went on hiatus.


Not that diversification wasn’t something before then, nor has it gone away. The whole concept to me is rooted in moving to the edge of your comfort zone and then jumping off. It requires education, patience, time, but the long-term benefits can potentially set you up for future generations. High risk, high reward—well worth the ride, if you ask me. And the faster you realize that diversification is just another way of saying “revenue opportunities,” the faster any fears you do have will disappear in a cloud of smoke.


The Keypoint Intelligence 2022 Channel Survey sure does have some important, strategic research and data. What you see below is an infinitesimal sliver of the pie. Have a look and let your brain wander!



Infographic designed by Anthony Tiago, Production Associate at Keypoint Intelligence.


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