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Lee Davis & Jamie Bsales

Diversifying its portfolio with Lexmark Optra IoT Solutions

Lexmark has announced its Optra IoT Solutions, a platform that enables industrial- and consumer-device manufacturers and service providers to collect status information from devices in the field. This blog explores the applications of this solution in the market.



Randy Dazo

Services leading to better business continuity among the key messages

This blog explores an interview with Olaf Lorenz, who is leading the product and commercial success of Konica Minolta Europe's digital transformation business.



Keypoint Intelligence

Scalable solution is designed to fit the needs of office and home workers

HP recently unveiled its Managed Print Flex, an MPS solution designed to be cloud-first and optimized for customers with hybrid workforces. This blog explores the key points of this announcement.



Keypoint Intelligence

Unveils suite of products aimed at digital events and experiences

German-based startup rooom has unveiled its first suite of products designed to create specific virtual events tailored to users’ needs and specifications. This blog reviews rooom's offerings and how they can be utilized for virtual events.



Deborah Hawkins

Smart thinking from Ricoh

This blog discusses Ricoh Europe's acquisition of Apex's European business and the expansion of managed services to include smart lockers.



Keypoint Intelligence

Company continues investments and expansion into consumer-ready VR software

Facebook has announced a new remote collaboration platform, Horizon Workrooms, to help people work with one another regardless of physical location. This blog outlines and explores some of the features of Horizon Workrooms and VR applications.



Anthony Sci

Highlights from the 2021 BTA National Conference

The Business Technology Association kicked off its 2021 National Conference last week in Coronado, California. This blog explores the main theme of the show, e-Commerce, and how to effectively utilize it with Keypoint Intelligence's UVERCE.



Randy Dazo

Keypoint Intelligence to educate on the office and dealers of the future

We may not be able to predict the entire future, but we can help with what we’ve learned from the past, our newest research findings, and involving industry leaders that can all help you see a clearer future for the office and dealers.



Lee Davis

Do you have a repetitive, tedious task? There’s a robot for that!

Robotic process automation leverages AI, machine learning, and “software robots” to automate tasks that are typically performed by humans. In this part of our New Normal Skills Economy series, we look at how RPA can be used effectively.



Carl Schell

Time-lapse video shows complete marine biodegradation in just 58 days

Nobody in the print industry probably ever thought that Keypoint Intelligence would at some point test the biodegradation of a straw in a fish tank. But we used to test many other types of products, sooo…why not biodegradable straws?!