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Lee Davis

It’s time to secure the goldmine of sensitive information at devices

MFPs are often overlooked when it comes to security measures. This blog explores how the MyQ solution can help to overcome this loophole in many companies' cybersecurity plans.



Renée Clarke

Comparing trends reveals an important market shift

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Keypoint Intelligence has been estimating its impact on print volume in the office and the home. This infographic presents data from our September 2021 forecast, which is the fourth version to those estimates and makes updates.



Keypoint Intelligence

How a non-profit uses the power of art for good

Color A Smile is a non-profit organization that uses volunteer-made artwork to brighten the day of veterans, residents in assisted living facilities, and other people in need. This blog explores how the organization got its start and its future growth plans.



Lee Davis

You must digitize the process. Only then can you automate it.

MyQ X enables users to create preconfigured job profiles to streamline and standardize frequently recurring chores, like scanning hard copy. This blog explores the features of MyQ X and the benefits of business process automation.



Colin McMahon

Company continues investments and expansion into consumer-ready VR software

Facebook has announced a new remote collaboration platform, Horizon Workrooms, to help people work with one another regardless of physical location. This blog outlines and explores some of the features of Horizon Workrooms and VR applications.



Colin McMahon

Release also streamlines user interface interaction for cloud-based printing

Cloud services and technology provider Pharos recently released updates to its Beacon print management software platform. This blog explores these updates and their impact on the market and for Beacon users.



Eve Padula

Print providers pivot to accommodate new market demands

This blog takes a look at the silver lining of the pandemic - that it has prompted print service providers (PSPs) to uncover new business opportunities that will carry them into a successful future.



Lee Davis

Desktop-as-a-service is heating up

This blog focuses on the benefits, opportunities, and abilities Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offers if implemented, and why that is the direction companies should be considering.



Anthony Sci

Highlights from the 2021 BTA National Conference

The Business Technology Association kicked off its 2021 National Conference last week in Coronado, California. This blog explores the main theme of the show, e-Commerce, and how to effectively utilize it with Keypoint Intelligence's UVERCE.



Jamie Bsales

The pandemic sent everyone scrambling for new laptops, but that rush may be subsiding

The global pandemic disrupted a lot of business IT spending plans, with one of the most noticeable areas being the jump in unplanned laptop purchases. This blog takes a look into that trend cooling down, future shifts to the cloud, and the possible impacts that could have.