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Carl Schell

Keypoint Intelligence’s public-facing content educates readers, expands in scope

We entered this year still in the thick of battling COVID, and as we prepare to flip the calendar to 2022, the print industry and the entire world continue to face a chip shortage and a slow supply chain. In between all that was a gluttony of compelling news, including anything and everything related to digital transformation.



Colin McMahon

Print in a diversified space

As is customary at end of year, the Office Group at Keypoint Intelligence provided annual predictions for the year ahead and this blog summarizes that presentation.



Christine Dunne & Eve Padula

If you’re receiving more catalogs this year, you’re not alone!

This year, I thought I noticed an uptick in the number of holiday catalogs I received in the mail. I wasn’t sure if it was just me or an actual phenomenon, so I conducted an unofficial survey among my co-workers.



Christine Dunne

Popular podcast champions print in multiple ways

This blog summarizes the recent references to print in the "We Can Do Hard Things" podcast; representing something different and interesting about the demand and opportunity for print.



Deborah Hawkins

Cloud Workspace Collaboration and Print in City Solutions

This blog focuses on Canon Europe's recent announcement of two technology solutions to support hybrid working: the Cloud Workspace Collaboration (CWC) and Print in City (PIC).



Deborah Hawkins & Colin McMahon

And why that’s a great thing

This blog focuses on Toshiba's announcement to split into three companies, what it means for the future, and how it could help amend the past.



Jamie Bsales

Employee health and wellness is not just an issue during a pandemic

This blog focuses on the return-to-office safety measures taken by Canon Solutions America.



Lindsey Naples

How the bizarre structure of 2020 brought unforeseen things into the fold

This blog discusses the recent change in how workers view their jobs, and the Forbes article that focuses on what employers can do about this.



Eve Padula

Print providers pivot to accommodate new market demands

This blog takes a look at the silver lining of the pandemic - that it has prompted print service providers (PSPs) to uncover new business opportunities that will carry them into a successful future.



Randy Dazo

Keypoint Intelligence to educate on the office and dealers of the future

We may not be able to predict the entire future, but we can help with what we’ve learned from the past, our newest research findings, and involving industry leaders that can all help you see a clearer future for the office and dealers.