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Carl Schell

Virtual Summit webinar highlights centralizing workflow, decentralizing employees

From communication to collaboration to conferencing and everything in between, what can’t be done in the cloud these days? And it goes without saying that the remote workforce isn’t just some passing phase—it’s real, with legs to last several lifetimes.



Christine Dunne

A Sensical Option for Home-Based Workers (with MPS Implications)

HP's Instant Ink program has proven to be a boon during the COVID-19 pandemic. This blog explores the implications it can have for businesses whose employees are working from home.



Kris Alvarez

Bringing Hope to the Frontlines, Through the Windows of Homes Everywhere

When it comes to our industry specifically, HP Print has pivoted its print business focus based on three key platforms: Learn, Create, Perform. Enter Windows of Hope, part of HP’s Print, Play & Learn campaign.



Christine Dunne

Ricoh Sustainability Director Shares Ideas for Workplaces and Industry

It's clear that the current COVID-19 pandemic represents an opportunity for workplaces and office equipment vendors to reassess and enhance their sustainability efforts.



Jamie Bsales

Eliminating Physical Interaction with the Copier’s Control Panel

This blog explores a number of touchless MFP solutions currently available. Many vendors have introduced solutions that will all but eliminate the need for users to touch the control panel.



Eve Padula

Ongoing Shifts Bring Challenges, Spark Debates, and Introduce More Questions

After the COVID-19 outbreak, many schools and businesses were forced to shut down. This blog explores the pros and cons of working from home.



Christine Dunne

New Survey Shows 30% Lack a Dedicated Workspace

According to Keypoint Intelligence's most recent survey, having enough workspace at home has become an issue during the pandemic. This blog explores this issue and others from our Future Office Survey.



Colin McMahon

Looking at the New Workplace During the COVID Pandemic and Beyond

Remote workflow is increasingly solidifying into business as usual. In this article, Keypoint Intelligence will highlight several technologies and strategies needed to adapt your business for the new remote normal.



Riley McNulty

A COVID-19 Inspired Transformation

Attempts to reopen the United States amid the COVID-19 pandemic have hit a wall. Nearly all businesses are being forced to rapidly evolve to serve customers in a contactless and remote manner.



Jamie Bsales

The Healthcare Industry’s Go-To “Technology” Is a Nightmare for Large-Scale Information Exchange

The COVID-19 crisis has put into sharp relief a lot of the technological shortcomings that organizations have been living with. This blog explores how fax has managed to hang on in certain industries.