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Lindsey Naples

Content creation can be daunting (especially at the start), but here’s how we handled it!

The pandemic has swept in and created a “sink or swim” attitude for many businesses over the past few years. In an interview with Rick Lambert, CEO and Founder of IN2communications, Keypoint Intelligence's Carl Schell discusses content creation and adapting to market changes.



German Sacristan

Looking at how printers will shift in the industry

Since inkjet improved its printing quality, more print volumes have shifted from EP to inkjet because of productivity and cost. That should be the consistent trend moving forward…but where does that leave EP?



Carl Schell & Jamie Bsales

Production print and digital transformation central to company’s new Client Engagement Center

Supply chain was a major topic of discussion. Along with production print, the agenda was heavy on digital transformation/managed IT and Rev’d Up, the company’s new dealer program.



Rachel Dean

Series speaks to hybrid working and increased collaboration

Sharp recently announced the launch of its first seven new color models that will replace Sharp’s complete lineup of A3 office color and monochrome devices. We discuss here the impact and implications this will have on the market and for the company.



Lee Davis

Armed with Fujitsu’s scanner tech, Ricoh has an impressive arsenal of digital workplace tools

Ricoh announced that it is purchasing an 80% stake in Fujitsu’s scanner business. We discuss here the implications for both companies as well as the affect this purchase will have on the scanner market.



Keypoint Intelligence

Print is huge, mistakes don’t define you, and benefits matter

Before I depart as Consulting Editor at Keypoint Intelligence for a new opportunity, I wanted to share three lessons I have learned from my 10 years with the company.



Jamie Bsales

Proprietary study results in BLI Pacesetter Award in Comprehensive MPS Programs

MPS is again a leading engine for growth and profitability in the office equipment market.



Mark Davis

Canon’s new offering for the SOHO market

Canon has announced three new product series, expanding their offerings for the SOHO market.



Mark DiMattei

Looking at “green” initiatives in print

“Green” initiatives in print can be marketing tools as much as they are beneficial for the health of the planet. Here we provide six facts concerned with sustainability.



Peter Mayhew

How will it change the industry?

The European Commission (EC) has taken a view of the printer supplies market in Europe. By a thorough process, they have concluded that the industry needs to redouble its efforts to provide more energy efficient and sustainable hardware and supplies solutions.