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Andrew Young

The effects of paper-hoarding and other supply related issues are impacting growth for 2022

Imaging Network Group (INg) kicked off its 31st year with the spring meeting in Tucson, AZ.



Mark DiMattei

Getty Images and Epson partner to assist with scanning archival images

Getty Images recently announced a partnership with Epson to provide professional photo scanners and training for the winners of the Getty Images Photo Archive Grants for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We discuss here the details of the grant and how Epson devices can benefit the archival process.



Priya Gohil

Spring cleaning of the digital sort

Downloads, emails, passwords, old files—they may not fester in dust but the longer you procrastinate, the harder it is get going on that data clutter.



Carl Schell

Breaking down consolidation figures in the print industry

We have seen nine acquisitions this year in the US, which puts us on pace to be right around 2021’s total. Mega dealers made four of them, including UBEO’s purchase of Centric Business Systems in Maryland.



Eve Padula

An omnichannel communication strategy is required

Like a good book, a great customer experience will attract attention, keep people engaged, and help ensure that they keep coming back for more. But, an unfulfilling experience can make customers feel unseen and chip away at loyalty.



Lee Davis

Deal will provide HP with a full portfolio of workplace collaboration solutions

HP Inc. is acquiring Poly, a workplace collaboration solutions provider, in an all-cash deal worth $3.3 billion.



Mark Davis

The unexpected link between increased print volumes and home learning

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital learning in ensuring education can continue outside of the school classroom, but there are many examples where paper has proven to be vital to the learning process. We discuss here how print is important in education.



Keypoint Intelligence

Central New York Magazine offers a shining example

While the impact of digital communication on print is difficult to dispute, there’s also evidence to believe readers are craving hardcopy experiences.



Rachel Dean

Defining value for award-winning products in office hardware

Rachel Dean is Keypoint Intelligence’s New Technical Editor for office hardware. She introduces herself in this featured blog.



Mark DiMattei

Scanning towards the future

According to our recent study into document process shifts and workflow transformation, scanning volume is being driven by digitization. This blog and infographic provides some key details from the study.