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Jamie Bsales

Keypoint Intelligence lab technicians share their expertise

Keypoint Intelligence has recently looked at and reviewed 10 home security cameras in our lab. This blog explores the top six aspects to keep in mind when purchasing a security camera.



Andrew Unsworth

Sustainable, recyclable laptops for the masses

Dell has announced the release of its Concept Luna laptop, which seeks to be more environmentally friendly than other models. This blog explores the main features and impact the device can have on the market.



Keypoint Intelligence

They are a counterbalance to digital noise and poor quality

There’s something truly special about receiving a high-quality card in the mail and this blog explores the positive effects of a beautifully made card.



Lee Davis

Hybrid workplace solutions focus on data security, connectivity, and collaboration

The hybrid workplace is here to stay. This blog explores the findings of our 2021 Future of Office Survey and looks at how Canon Solutions America can help with common issues.



Randy Dazo

Thoughts on inkjet, diversity, and sustainability from an industry leader

Epson has doubled down on inkjet technology, and its strategy may be paying off. This blog explores our interview with Rob Clark, Senior Vice President of Epson Europe and his insights into the current market.



Keypoint Intelligence

Builds print-centered mixed reality solution

This blog focuses on HP announcing the “first print-industry mixed reality service”, dubbed HP xRServices.



Carl Schell

Longtime product manager steps up to the mic in our 4 Questions series

He worked in product planning at Brother prior to joining Minolta and has been at the combined Konica Minolta ever since. For the past couple of years, not to mention throughout the pandemic, Hall has served as product manager for the company’s entire line of bizhub A3 and A4 hardware.



Deborah Hawkins & Renée Clarke

Epson announces partnership with Olympian Usain Bolt

Epson Europe recently announced its new brand ambassador for its EcoTank printers: renowned Olympian Usain Bolt. This blog explores the main details of the device and associated marketing campaign.



Lee Davis & Jamie Bsales

Diversifying its portfolio with Lexmark Optra IoT Solutions

Lexmark has announced its Optra IoT Solutions, a platform that enables industrial- and consumer-device manufacturers and service providers to collect status information from devices in the field. This blog explores the applications of this solution in the market.



Kaitlin Shaw & Deborah Hawkins

Built for families and businesses in the new normal

HP has announced its new Smart Tank series, a collection of all-in-one ink tank products that are designed for high-volume home users and small business users