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Andrew Unsworth

New feature increases safety for those returning to the office after lockdown

We recently posted a report on Epson Print Admin 3, the company’s entry-level print management solution. This blog explores some of the features related to its touchless system for MFPs and printers.



Eve Padula

Even in a challenging environment, they exist!

Many businesses entered 2020 cautiously optimistic about the opportunities of the future, but those expectations were shattered by the forced closure of non-essential businesses. This blog explores the actions that various printing companies are exploring so they can maintain growth as we emerge from the pandemic.



Carl Schell

CEO of tech provider speaks about print, production, IT, and dealers

Anybody in the industry who wonders how to constantly grow their business need look no further than Impact Networking. When CEO Frank Cucco and President Dan Meyer founded the company in 1999, their vision was based on a consultative approach—that hasn’t wavered.



Keypoint Intelligence

What to expect in 2021

In many ways, COVID-19 has been an accelerator, pushing many industries including print into greater digital readiness. In other words, fulfilling the promise of industry 4.0 transformation, which began many years ago.



Riley McNulty

An update to the April and June surveys

In April and June of this year, Big Picture Magazine and Keypoint Intelligence conducted surveys of sign shops, commercial printers, and in-plants to gain a perspective on how the industry is coping with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This blog explores updates to this data.



Keypoint Intelligence

“Essential” sectors have lowest penetration, representing persistent print opportunities

Much has been said recently about the shift to remote working that has been driven by the pandemic. This blog looks at those job listings that are actually remote and who is listing them.



German Sacristan

A look at what needs to happen for that to take place

We have seen a recent surge in many packaging applications, but there are many questions about commercial print. This blog explores the potential end of offset printing due to COVID-19.



Eve Padula & Marc Mascara

This customer communications stuff just got real!

Consumers are rethinking how they prefer to communicate, and the pandemic is wreaking havoc with customer communication channel preferences. This blog explores how to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and channel fatigue.



Keypoint Intelligence

Disruption in equipment placements impacts the DFE market

The market for DFEs is being impacted by the disruption in equipment placements from the COVID-19 pandemic. This blog looks at our most recent DFE forecast to see how great this impact can be.



German Sacristan

The change to the digital print equipment demand ecosystem

When it comes down to print purchasing, COVID-19 has accelerated the natural transition for some consumers and businesses to purchase online at an even faster rate.