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Christine Dunne & Pete Emory

These include manufacturing aids, medical models, and end-use parts

This blog explores our discussion with Andrew DiLaura, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at CADimensions. We will look into the current 3D print market as well as how CADimensions is seeing this industry grow.



Randy Dazo

Keypoint Intelligence to educate on the office and dealers of the future

We may not be able to predict the entire future, but we can help with what we’ve learned from the past, our newest research findings, and involving industry leaders that can all help you see a clearer future for the office and dealers.



Keypoint Intelligence

Inline pretreatment, ease of use just two of the driving factors

Digital pigment technologies helped shape the customization culture that is prevalent among many of today’s online shoppers, and this technology is now making its way into textile direct-to-fabric. This blog explores some of the advancements in pigment technologies for DTG printing.



Lee Davis

Do you have a repetitive, tedious task? There’s a robot for that!

Robotic process automation leverages AI, machine learning, and “software robots” to automate tasks that are typically performed by humans. In this part of our New Normal Skills Economy series, we look at how RPA can be used effectively.



Eve Padula & Marc Mascara

Will it be the final nail in transactional mail’s coffin?

Enterprises are currently sending customer communications that encourage or even force consumers to go paperless for their transactional documents. This blog explores recent Keypoint Intelligence survey data on the effects of paperless and print communications.



Carl Schell

Time-lapse video shows complete marine biodegradation in just 58 days

Nobody in the print industry probably ever thought that Keypoint Intelligence would at some point test the biodegradation of a straw in a fish tank. But we used to test many other types of products, sooo…why not biodegradable straws?!



Eve Padula

Targeted, personalized content makes direct mail stand out

Many organizations are increasing their focus on direct marketing initiatives as they strive to capture and keep consumer attention. This blog explores how to reach consumers across several channels.



German Sacristan

Production print market expected to change fast

The printing market is expected to see severe changes impacting the way many will do business in the very near future. This blog explores our findings from a recent Keypoint Intelligence forecast.



Marc Mascara & Eve Padula

Reborn, renewed, and refined

Before the global pandemic became top of mind, the focus was the positioning between Xerox and Fuji Xerox. This blog explores the features of FUJIFILM's recent webinar and its recent growth.



Christine Dunne

Make sure you understand the top risks and follow best practices

Information security is a top priority in many companies, reinforced by the COVID-19 crisis and expansion of work into home environments. This infographic blog presents key data from a recent Keypoint Intelligence report.