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Carl Schell

Yet another excellent example of blending print and managed IT services to great success

I met Kyle Ruhland earlier this year at the Kyocera REIMAGINE 2022 Dealer Conference. After only a minute of intro pleasantries and laughs, I knew he’d make an outstanding guest on an episode of The Key Point Podcast even if I had zero clue what we could discuss.



Mark DiMattei

Why people are starting to act their wage

There’s a new boogieman creeping into corporate lingo to take the place of the Great Resignation: quiet quitting. We discuss here what quiet quitting actually means, some reasons for its apparent growth in businesses, as well as how the future of office culture will change.



Johnny Shell

New developments are closing in on analog print volumes

Since the introduction of DTG over 20 years ago, the biggest complaint from screen printers has been that “it’s too slow”—but these newer systems may just be the decisive factor for many.



Eve Padula

The strategic use of a traditional media can create a new outcome

Keypoint Intelligence’s most recent Transactional Communications study asked businesses to rank the importance of various business objectives in relation to their future transactional communication strategies. We discuss here some of the key points of our research as well as the benefits of an omni-channel approach to communication.



Sam Keller

Summarizing the printing industry, current trends, and his growth as a researcher

With 35 years of experience in the printing industry, Johnny Shell is recognized as an industry leader.



Mark DiMattei

How to keep your data secure in hybrid environments

Keypoint Intelligence has been tracking how things have changed since the pandemic, first in our Future Office study and now in the Future of Work survey. We take a look at cybersecurity measures companies are investing in for their new environments as well as some key points regarding data security in this infographic.



Kris Alvarez

The two have us closing in on a potentially massive tech and business revolution

Things like machine learning algorithms being used in climate modeling to the launches of text-to-image models like DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion are really showcasing the rate at which AI implementation is expanding.



Keypoint Intelligence

This simple acronym can help you remember them!

Jim Hamilton, former Director at Keypoint Intelligence, has developed an easy-to-remember acronym that highlights the positive aspects of print. We discuss the key elements of his PLATE concept and how it summarizes print's benefits.



Keith Haas

Why this new method of building homes is here to stay

Large 3D printers are now being developed for the purpose of building houses primarily made from concrete. We discuss here how this technology will affect the construction industry as well as the benefits of pursuing it.



Andrew Young

Xplor22’s renamed award draws attention to its winners

The Xplor22 Conference revealed the newly renamed Dr. Keith Davidson Lifetime Achievement Award that focuses on the organization's roots and the historical impact its members have had across the industry. We look at the four winners and their influence in the industry.