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Lee Davis

It’s like Shark Tank, but for systems integrators working with MSPs

PitchIT is an accelerator program run by ConnectWise to incubate startup systems integrator businesses that are dedicated to the managed services provider (MSP) space.



Johnny Shell

Interesting trends are revealed

The evolution of the direct-to-garment (DTG) inkjet market over the last 20 years has progressed from being a questionable technology when it was first introduced to a direct competitor with screen printing in terms of speed and print durability. In our recent 2022-2027 Global DTG Forecast, we report the major metrics associated with DTG printing, including unit placements, average installed base, equipment revenue, print volume, ink volume, and ink value.



Jean Lloyd

How digital printing is helping revolutionize this growing, important sector

As part of the Keypoint Intelligence State of the Industry series of reports on labels and packaging, we have now done our deep dive into the transformation of corrugated packaging. We discuss here some of the key findings as well as their effects on the marketplace.



Anne Valaitis & Jamie Bsales

A New Challenge for Cybersecurity

In this series, in conjunction with Agile Cybersecurity Solutions (our cybersecurity testing and consulting partner), Keypoint Intelligence investigates the many facets of cybersecurity to deliver insight and strategy. We discuss here some of the key uses of AI as malware and provide some insight into how to combat them.



Mark Davis

How the Adobe Embedded Print Engine can enhance large format printing

Large format printing has increased in popularity among those looking for an accurate, detail-driven, and versatile printing solution, but print quality is often at the mercy of the raster image processor within a device. This blog discusses how Adobe's Adobe Embedded Print Engine can assist with challenges concerning large format printing.



Bridget Dedian

Here’s what happened when you were out apple picking

Thanks to our News Service, we cover everything from print to managed IT to smart workplace and beyond. We cover here the top three news items for the month of October 2023.



Jamie Bsales

Updated model for cyber best practices to debut in early 2024

The US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has recently announced an upcoming update to its Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (CSF). We discuss here the potential changes and implications thy can have for cybersecurity initiatives.



Anne Valaitis & Jamie Bsales

The horrors of poor management and IoT attacks

In conjunction with ACS (our cybersecurity testing and consulting partner), we discuss here the dangers of inadequate endpoint and IoT management, which can leave organizations vulnerable to all sorts of cyberattacks. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions are a cybersecurity technology that continually monitors and analyzes endpoint data to detect and respond to anomalous and potentially malicious activity.



Keypoint Intelligence

A recap of Ricoh’s first large-scale event in four years!

The Ricoh Summit, held in Denver, CO, from October 10-13, brought together the Ricoh team, Ricoh dealers, industry leaders, and exhibitors ranging from software, services, as well as customer relationship management (CRM) and sales enablement providers, all with focused offerings for the channel.



Rachel Dean

A turnkey IT security subscription service designed to safeguard SMB security

In what was great timing for October’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Sharp Europe recently held an analyst event where the company announced a focus on helping SMBs improve their security.