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Priya Gohil

Instant inkjet portable printer means no more embarrassing tattoos

Touted as the world’s first comprehensive temporary handheld tattoo device, Prinker S makes the creation and application of temporary tattoos quick and easy.



Rachel Dean

The new WorkForce Pro WF-C5000 series aims to minimize user intervention

Epson America, Inc. recently announced two new additions to its A4 business inkjet printer range: the WorkForce Pro WF-C5890 color MFP and the WorkForce Pro WF-C5390 color printer. We discuss here the features of these new devices and their projected affect on the market.



Mark DiMattei

How to talk intelligently when talking to AI

Many of us have interacted with a chatbot at some point—most likely as part of a customer service app on a website or maybe for entertainment. We discuss here some of the key features of chatbots as well as how they are growing for future use.



Mark DiMattei

We make some top-level predictions for the office environment

Keypoint Intelligence has recently crafted an infographic that looks toward what our expert analysts believe will be the top five trends within the office market in the coming year.



Jamie Bsales

While hardware sales falter, our forecast shows document imaging software will remain a bright spot

Document imaging software has been a bright spot amid a tough few years for the document imaging industry, with a steady decline in A3 hardware sales and related supplies (and/or managed print service) revenue due to the pandemic, supply chain issues, and the increase in hybrid workplaces.



Carl Schell

What are we thinking about with office print, managed IT, and smart technology?

The Keypoint Intelligence Office Group dissects subject matter related to print (devices, supplies, service), managed IT (cybersecurity, most notably), or smart workplace technology and translates it into plain English for strategic implementation.



Carl Schell

Technology Assurance Group leader discusses 2022 IT trends and looks ahead at 2023

"Where to even begin?" is one question that countless dealers have had to ask themselves prior to them establishing a managed IT services practice/program/identity (pick the noun, any of them work). But here’s the catch: There are still too many dealers that do not have an IT presence (ah-ha! another workable noun), and my suspicion is that too many of them are not making as much revenue with it as they could.



Mark Davis

Designed for individuals and families in search of a sustainable alternative

HP recently announced the launch of its new Smart Tank 5000 series, the latest addition to its range of Smart Tank all-in-one products. We discuss here some of the key details as well as the effect of its introduction to the market.



Keith Haas

Engineering and healthcare will benefit, but plenty of other sectors will too

While regular 3D printed objects use materials like plastics and metals, 4D printed objects incorporate a hydrogel or shape memory polymer that physically react to stimuli like water, heat, or light.



Lisa Brown

US operation discusses performance and strategy at virtual briefing

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. held a virtual analyst and press briefing on December 13, 2022, during which several company execs provided an update on all things Konica Minolta.