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Mark Davis

How schools can still enjoy the benefits of colour printing, despite the rising costs

Colour printing in schools has always been a contentious issue. Those advocating for its use, citing benefits to learning inside and outside the classroom, are often side-lined by those who claim it wastes an already tight budget.



Jamie Bsales

Our survey reveals the uptake of RPA…and the pain points

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been a growing area of interest for a few years now. We discuss here how RPA can be a benefit for many printers as well as some key points of a recent Konica Minolta study on the subject.



Eve Padula

Recent research reveals that consumers’ communication preferences often vary by age

Providers of transactional communications must communicate with their existing customers on a regular basis, but ensuring that these bills and statements are delivered via a consumer’s preferred channels is crucial to a positive customer experience. We discuss here how generational characteristics can influence communication preferences as well as some key aspects of a recent Keypoint Intelligence study.



Kevin Karstedt

It’s not about “if,” but “when”…

Any of you who have attended a conference where digital packaging printing was on the agenda inevitably heard someone state from the podium: “It’s now not a question of if we get into digital printing, but a question of when.”



Carl Schell

Keypoint Intelligence delivers prime UVERCE® education to dealers, for dealers

The question isn’t “if,” it’s “when.” Could be about sanding and staining your deck or the timing of a fantasy football trade, but when it comes to e-commerce and sales enablement for dealers—when is now.



Deborah Hawkins

Learning about the future of work

Last week saw the return of ISE, the world's largest audio/visual & IT Integrators exhibition; we also saw some of the most current trends around the future of work. We discuss here some of the key features from the show.



Lindsey Naples

When was that first asked?

People have been declaring their feelings since the dawn of time: poems, drawings, letters, etc. But before Valentine’s Day became the commercial holiday we know today, what was it?



Jamie Bsales

Passwords have got to go, but are passkeys the answer?

It seems that big tech companies are coalescing behind an alternative to simple passwords: passkeys. We discuss here the main features of passkeys as well as their benefits and shortcomings as a method of cybersecurity.



Jean Lloyd

Keypoint Intelligence Interview Insights with Manuel Schrutt

FUJIFILM Business Innovation, recognizing the opportunity in flexible packaging, announced in June 2021 that it was entering the space by launching the Fujifilm Jet Press FP790, a water-based digital inkjet press. We discuss some of the effects this device will have on the market with Manuel Schrutt, Head of Packaging for Fujifilm.



Greg Cholmondeley

Keypoint Intelligence Interview Insights: Will it be the beginning of a new era?

On January 25, Fiery announced that it had separated from Electronics for Imaging (EFI) to form a separate company. We discuss here some of the key aspects of this change with Fiery's new CEO Toby Weiss.