Ninestar G&G First to Launch its Own Printer

First aftermarket brand to provide printers, copiers, and consumables for the global market?




Ninestar’s G&G brand claims it is the first aftermarket brand to provide printers and copiers as well as consumables and supplies for the global market.


The Ninestar group includes Pantum and Lexmark printers so G&G has the experience of these printing brands to draw upon.


Ninestar’s new hi-tech printer park investment, which saw the completion of Stage 1 on July 10, 2020, will eventually occupy 600,000 square meters of printer production space with an expected annual output of 2 million printer units. This will include G&G’s own branded devices.


This has placed the G&G brand in a good position to expand its product portfolio with the launch of P4100DN/DW A4 monochrome single-function desktop laser printers and the M4100DN/DW multi-function laser printers.


According to G&G, the P4100 and M4100 series are designed to benefit SOHO and SMB with large printing volumes by offering an efficient, convenient, and money-saving printing experience.


“This exciting launch provides G&G with a competitive edge when it comes to Managed Print Service (MPS) solutions for end-users,” said G&G’s Media Specialist Ruby Wei. “Further, we will soon have a series of refurbished copiers as MPS hardware alternatives to fit different demands.”


“Many say the demand for MPS and business printing is shrinking because COVID-19 compels many staff to work remotely from home,” said Gang Chen, MPS Director of Ninestar Image. “We think it differently,” he added.


According to Chen, all businesses still have to pay for their staff’s printing costs, no matter where the staff are located. Chen said printing tasks still need to be managed, so putting a managed print application in place helps those business’ sustainability.


“G&G keeps our partners ahead of the game. We have extended our product portfolio and rolled-out a hardware and supplies combo. This is a tempting and value-added MPS solution to better empower our global partners,” Chen said.


More information is available by emailing an inquiry to G&G.