The 2017 U.S. Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera Study


ILCs play an increasingly important role in the ongoing development of the digital camera market, as ILC revenue rapidly grows to a majority percentage of the hardware category. The ILC market is divided into two segments: DSLRs and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (or “mirrorless”). DSLRs still account for the lion’s share of sales, but the mirrorless segment is demonstrating its ability to capture share amongst consumers in the U.S. Evolutionary ILC features, such as full-frame image sensors, high ISO rating, and 4K video capture, are becoming more important and will help to drive future sales.

Keypoint Intelligence—InfoTrends new 2017 study builds on research conducted in 2016. It will examine more closely the use of video by ILC owners. It will also consider the attitudes, behaviors and needs of both replacement and “step-up” buyers, with the goal of identifying paths to purchase. The study will focus heavily on ILC “intenders” as part of the research. It will pay careful attention to these intenders and what motivates them, what inhibits them, what marketing messages appeal to them, and how they choose an ILC.